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Hi guys! Welcome to channel This is Bailey.
Bailey, cream funny and cute puppy of the Golden Retriever, was born on January 17, 2018.
Here you will see all the funniest and cutest video moments of our beloved cute puppy Bailey's life!
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2:18Kitten Uses a Golden Retriever as a Bed!
Kitten Uses a Golden Retriever as a Bed!visningar 71tn6 dagar sedan
5:27Golden Retriever Thinks He is a Rabbit
Golden Retriever Thinks He is a Rabbitvisningar 55tnMånad sedan
1:25Golden Retriever Meets New Rabbit!
Golden Retriever Meets New Rabbit!visningar 84tnMånad sedan
7:48Golden Retriever Loves Bath Time!
Golden Retriever Loves Bath Time!visningar 161tnMånad sedan
2:13Golden Retriever uses a Kitten as a pillow!
2:16Kitten Washes a Golden Retriever [CUTENESS OVERLOAD]
3:35Golden Retriever and Kitten - Amazing Love!
Golden Retriever and Kitten - Amazing Love!visningar 197tn2 månader sedan
1:56Golden Retriever and Chick [Funny Reaction]
Golden Retriever and Chick [Funny Reaction]visningar 105tn2 månader sedan
2:19Kitten Loves to Sleep with a Golden Retriever
Kitten Loves to Sleep with a Golden Retrievervisningar 151tn2 månader sedan
2:31Golden Retriever and Kitten - True Love!
Golden Retriever and Kitten - True Love!visningar 645tn2 månader sedan
3:13Golden Retriever and Kitten [Fight for Treats]
Golden Retriever and Kitten [Fight for Treats]visningar 236tn3 månader sedan
4:33Kitten Shows His Love For Golden Retriever
Kitten Shows His Love For Golden Retrievervisningar 634tn3 månader sedan
9:25Golden Retriever First Time at the Waterfall
Golden Retriever First Time at the Waterfallvisningar 647tn3 månader sedan
1:52Golden Retriever and Kitten are Best Friends!
Golden Retriever and Kitten are Best Friends!visningar 123tn3 månader sedan
6:53Golden Retriever First Time in the Ocean!
Golden Retriever First Time in the Ocean!visningar 1,3mn3 månader sedan
3:09Kitten Protects his home from Golden Retriever
Kitten Protects his home from Golden Retrievervisningar 317tn4 månader sedan
2:19Golden Retriever and Kitten Play as Best Friends!
2:07Golden Retriever wants to make friends with a Kitten
5:16Golden Retriever and Kitten Play for the First Time!
3:53Baby Bunnies and Golden Retriever vs. Cockroaches
6:27Golden Retriever and Baby Bunnies
Golden Retriever and Baby Bunniesvisningar 49tn5 månader sedan
10:12Golden Retriever Shows his Love for the Rabbit
Golden Retriever Shows his Love for the Rabbitvisningar 185tn5 månader sedan
10:10Golden Retriever Reaction to a Visit to the Vet!
8:08Golden Retriever as a BIG DADDY for Baby Bunnies!
4:48Baby Bunnies Show their Love to the Golden Retriever
10:06Golden Retriever Brought Carrots to Baby Bunnies
10:02Golden Retriever like a big mom for Baby Bunnies!
5:42Cute Baby Bunnies Kiss the Golden Retriever
Cute Baby Bunnies Kiss the Golden Retrievervisningar 200tn6 månader sedan
2:27Lovely Golden Retriever Welcomes Cute Baby Bunnies!
10:53Funny Golden Retriever Loves His Cute Animal Friends
4:37Golden Retriever Tries to Play with a Baby Bunnies!
4:40Mother Rabbit Protects her Baby Bunnies from Dog
1:58Golden Retriever First Meets Newborn Babу Rabbits
3:51When the Dog is TOO BIG to play with Rabbits!
When the Dog is TOO BIG to play with Rabbits!visningar 211tn7 månader sedan
6:07Dog Hugs Pregnant Rabbit - Amazing Friendship
Dog Hugs Pregnant Rabbit - Amazing Friendshipvisningar 243tn7 månader sedan
7:16Dog Takes Care of a Pregnant Rabbit
Dog Takes Care of a Pregnant Rabbitvisningar 74tn8 månader sedan
6:53The dog uses his best friends rabbits as pillows!
2:09Funny Dog Plays with Rabbits on the Couch
Funny Dog Plays with Rabbits on the Couchvisningar 70tn8 månader sedan
6:32My Dog Loves a Visit to the Vet
My Dog Loves a Visit to the Vetvisningar 1,7mn8 månader sedan
3:26Dog and Rabbit Play on the Bed
Dog and Rabbit Play on the Bedvisningar 107tn8 månader sedan


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  • No need to buy this kitty a bed. He already has a "Bailey Bed". Such a lucky kitty and dog. BFFs til the end of time. My cat is my BFF and I am her bed. What is extra special is that she is an inheritance. When my friend passed away my cat died a month later. Six months later, she got me as a "new" Mommy. She never leaves my side. Blessings from Canada. 🇨🇦🙏🐾

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